Breathe well in the United States Botanic Garden, Washington DC

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The garden maintains approximately 65,000 plants for exhibition
The garden maintains approximately 65,000 plants for exhibition


The united states botanic garden is one of the oldest botanic gardens in north American and informs visitors about the importance , value and diversity of plants, as well as their aesthetic, cultural,economic, therapeutic and ecological significance. With more than a million visitors annually, the usbg strives to desmonstrate and promote sustainable pratices. The garden is a living plant museum accredited by tha American alliance of museums.


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More than 200 years ago, George Washinton had a vision for a botanic, garden in the nations capital city. This garden would demonstrate and promote the importance of plants to the young nation. The garden was estrablished by congress in 1820 and was strengthened by collections fro the U.U Exploring Expedition (1838-1842). Since 1934, it has been administred through the architect of the capitol.

Living Collections

The garden maintains approximately 65,000 plants for exhibition, study, conservation and exchange with others institutions. Noteworthy collections include economic plants, cacti and succulents and mid-atlantic native plants. Several historic specimens collected during the U.S Exploring Expedition are Still on display.


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Address – 100 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024, USA
+1 202-225-8333






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