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    What Do You Think Is The Best New TV Show?

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      The players
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      Letters From Silence
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      The Secrets of Betty
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      It’s Party Time
    • demo 05
      The Emerald Mystery
    • demo 04
      Mom Of Six
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    Who Is Your Most Beloved Female TV Character?

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    • Hailey Scott from The Emerald Mystery
    • Carrie Rayne from Mom of Six
    • Betty Raynolds from The Secrets of Betty
    • Queen Victoria from Your Majesty
    • Little Aimee from Meet Me Halfway
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    How do you watch your favuorite shows?

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    Which Show Would You Love To See Cancelled?

    • Fire In The Rain
    • Nobody Saw Nothing
    • Bye Bye Boss
    • Limitless Harry
    • Zombies In Your Head
    • Your Majesty
    • Meet Me Halfway

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